Our curriculum is

Playful and Enquiry Led
so that all pupils:

-Are curious
-Experience awe and wonder
-Enjoy learning
-Take part in purposeful learning centred on core enquiry questions leading to deep understanding
so that all pupils:

-Achieve high academic standards
-Leave us with a secure grounding in reading, writing and maths
-Are secondary school ready and well prepared for future employment
Ambitious for All
so that all pupils:

-Believe that they can achieve
-Know that adults have high ambitions for them, and believe they can succeed.
-Have full access to a broad, balanced curriculum
-Experience challenge and effective support
Vocabulary and Experience Rich
so that all pupils:

-Have enriching experiences that take them outside of what they would usually encounter
-Are exposed to the best literature
-Develop a wide vocabulary and use this to express themselves effectively and communicate confidently
Learn to Learn
so that all pupils:

-Understand how they learn best and reflect on what helps them learn
-Leave with a hunger for learning more
-Embrace challenge
-Feel safe to make mistakes knowing that they are an essential part of learning
-Feel supported to overcome any barriers to learning
so that all pupils:

-Understand the distinct knowledge and skills within each curriculum subject
-Know what it means to be an expert in a subject and access expert subject knowledge
-Find out about a diverse range of individuals who have excelled and made significant contributions within their field

The Brunswick Park curriculum enables children to immerse themselves in exciting, authentic and memorable learning experiences.

Subjects are taught discretely with pertinent links made between subjects using overarching themes to contextualise and engage learners. The organisation of the curriculum has in-built flow between lessons and between year groups using discrete and contextualised learning opportunities. Our curriculum is well-sequenced with carefully selected content and defined end points to enable progress for all. We unashamedly aim to ensure all of our children have the necessary core skills and building blocks of learning across English and maths, foster a passion for reading, and a love of a wide range of literature. Children develop and strengthen their knowledge while acquiring and using a range of fundamental skills – the foundations to lifelong learning.

Our Brunswick Park curriculum enables children to discover new interests, develop strengths and advance passions and talents. Children work like subject specialists: through the use of high quality resources and stimulating experiences, we teach pupils to understand what excellence looks like across subject areas. The richness of our curriculum extends beyond the classroom, and through the wider opportunities on offer, independence and resilience are developed within an environment where children feel safe to take risks. Children embrace challenges and have high aspirations for their futures with the love of learning we aim to promote.

‘Key questions’ hook children and encourage independent, creative thinking across subject areas, and our core values are golden threads that are interwoven throughout. Pupil voice is integral to all we do both in and outside the classroom. Children have the opportunity to shape their own learning, and their interests, suggestions and thoughts are included and valued as part of Brunswick Park life.

We intend for our curriculum to be authentic, where children see themselves represented through the inspirational people from diverse backgrounds that we learn from, learn about and celebrate. Projects begin with ‘wow events’ to instantly hook learners and end with an ‘authentic outcome’ where children can share and celebrate their successes.

Our strong emphasis on physical and mental wellbeing makes sure that our children are ready for learning, have an excellent understanding of how to look after their mental and physical health, act with kindness towards themselves and others, and leave our school confident, happy and with a belief that they can succeed. We believe fostering positive mental health and wellbeing is the foundation for all learning and growth. Our curriculum, including the ‘hidden curriculum’ of school culture, supports all pupils to develop a positive self-image and equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to look after their mental and physical health.

As a school, we aim to embed an ethos of high expectations for all. Children embrace all areas of the curriculum with confidence and enjoyment, leaving Brunswick Park with the necessary skills and attributes to be learners for life and make a difference to the world around them.



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